It is getting to be that time of year again the temperatures are rising, and we are starting to think about turning on our air conditioners. If you have not already turned on your air conditioner, you really should turn it on now, to make sure that it is in good working condition.

Making sure your AC is working good now can save on AC repairs later

air conditioner repair in Las Vegas Valley

air conditioner repair in Las Vegas Valley

Quite a few air conditioners, after setting all winter long with no use or maintenance, will need some type of AC repair. For those residents that live in areas that get extreme heat this can be a huge problem. Checking out the air conditioner before they need to use it is the best course of action. Before turning on the air conditioner, change out the filters in the house. This is very important as dirty filters restrict airflow and can cause your air conditioner to need AC repair. You should always change your filters in Las Vegas at least once a month as Las Vegas has a high amount of dust in the air, which will clog the filters quickly. If you use filters for allergies you need to replace them at least every 3 weeks if not every two weeks as these catch everything and clog very quickly. One of the other things that you should check is the battery for your thermostat, numerous times the techs from arctichvac.com have went out to do an estimate on the air conditioner just to find out that the thermostat has a dead battery. Making sure that you have removed all of the debris around the air conditioning unit is also important, as weeds or foliage growing up around the unit will also restrict airflow and cause the air conditioner to break down and need air conditioning repairs. Once you have done all of this simple maintenance for the air conditioner turn it on and let it run for at least an hour, unless you see a problem. If you see a problem like its blowing hot air or not blowing any air at all, turn off the unit and call an AC repair company right away. Running an air conditioner when is not working correctly can cause more damage to the air conditioner and possibly could make your AC repair bill quite high.  Making sure that your air conditioning system working great before you need it can save you from coming home to an extremely hot house.


I pride myself on being able to do just about any home improvement project that I want to take on. As a woman, some things seem more intimidating than what they really are. So I don’t always feel as confident, starting the project as I do when I’m done. That doesn’t mean it always turns out the way I was hoping, but it usually is good enough and I’m able to learn something in the process.

So when I was asked to test out a oil spill removal process, that claim to be as easy as sweeping the floor, I was a little bit insulted. But that doesn’t mean that I wouldn’t try it. As it turns out it was just as easy as described. You sprinkle it a crossed your driveway where you find oil stains and grab a broom from the kitchen, and brush it across. It literally took me about 2 minutes, to treat 6 small oil stains across my driveway. What was amazing as how easy and safe it was. I didn’t need gloves or a mask or even  eye protection.

Terminator HSD Concrete Cleaner 3 lb

Terminator HSD Concrete Cleaner 3 lb

The name of the product was Terminator HSD and it does an incredible job off getting deeper and old oil stains out of concrete surfaces. I have owned my home for 11 years, and most of those oil stains have been there that whole time. So after about 8 days, I noticed a dramatic improvement in the appearance of that concrete. After 15 days, I had a look very hard to find where the previous oil stains had existed. And at 22 days, I couldn’t find them at all. Needless to say I am impressed, and I no longer insulted about how easy this is. I would recommend anybody that is trying to get rid of oil stains out of concrete, to give this Terminator HSD concrete cleaner I shot. You don’t need much. I purchased the 10 ounce container for $20, and I still have over half of it left.

Termintor HSD is available at http://www.htprof-cleantech.com/ or at Amazon.



So you ever check out your kitchen and just think I don’t intend to prepare in here? Or exactly what is the point of cleansing it up it still looks awful? Possibly a kitchen remodel is the upcoming project you must think about. Right here are some archetypes of just what can be done. Look around for your dream kitchen and see what ideas you can take for your kitchen remodeling project.

Great Kitchen remodeling project to match your house

With a little bit of ingenuity and a general contractor your suggestions could become a reality. Do you need additional space, a room addition might just do the trick, several kitchens do not have much square video clips and prolonging it out another 5 feet or even more can make a significant distinction. Or relocating a glass can make a kitchen remodel go from ok to spectacular. 

You could utilize drywall mud to include structure and aesthetic interest to your walls. Simply use a trowel to use the drywall mud, and make use of a brush with rigid bristles, a sponge or a plastic bag that is wadded up to dab the drywall and texturize it. Home remodeling generally involves significant modifications for your home’s very framework. It could possibly additionally be something entailing your landscaping and exterior frameworks. The following article includes tips that will certainly aid you can use when it concerns improving your residence. Prior to beginning any kind of house enhancement project, get the helps of friend and family. You may not have the ability to find anybody to offer you a hand if you have begun. Furthermore, it could be difficult to complete your job on schedule, and you could experience a lot of stress.

You can include storage to your areas by taking advantage of old footwear boxes. Use aged wallpaper to develop an eye-catching layout for the footwear boxes to give them a contemporary style. This is a wonderful way you acquire an extra storage option while including drama to a space. Prior to paint or staining a wooden object you need to utilize sandpaper to smooth the area of the wood then clean the item off with a moist dustcloth. Using fine-grit sandpaper is the best way to smooth the area. The moist cloth will assist get rid of dirt. Little rooms can appear confined and dismal, yet this could be changed. Get some illumination into the area! When you renovate a washroom, it pays to make the washroom handicap-accessible as part of the remodelling job. If you are intending to continue to be at home up until advancing years, taking care of this adjustment within the washroom earlier as opposed to later on could conserve hassles in the long run. If you ultimately decide to market, these additions will give your home a lot more value when it goes on the market. Do not allow professionals to begin the work to be done on your residence without an agreement. You should take the agreement took a look at by an attorney.

Do you locate on your own troubled by extreme heat and glow in your residence?

If so, tint your residence’s home windows. Work on the most aesthetically apparent locations when doing home renovations. Prospective customers base their judgment on points they view, so you should do exactly what you could to make your residence presentable sufficient to offer. While many important enhancements aren’t apparent, they are when it concerns offering your home. It’s too much simpler to remedy the trouble while it’s still tiny. A little bleach functions wonders on tiny mold problems. You can often sand away small patches of rust. Pour bleach into your commode bowls to keep it tidy. The bleach may have an odor for a bit, yet it will certainly get rid of microorganisms and make the commode bowl sparkle. Perfumed bleach choices are additionally aid with odor.

New paneling could substantially change the look of your residence. Paneling is an inexpensive and quick method to give your house an updated look. If at any time you decide to make additional adjustments, it is easy to eliminate and won’t damage the walls. You don’t intend to shake room doors simply because of some gunk. Remove your door from the framework, then sand it down up until you subject bare lumber. Buy some oil based paint of your choice and repaint the door with a paint roller. For a fresh feel, try getting doorknobs that look fancier.

When you ultimately create to the kitchen, install some new cupboards and tie the whole house along with a bang. Mark every one of the wall studs in the beginning of your installation so that you understand where to put the screws. It’s inexpensive to get a stud finder which works a lot better than knocking on wall surfaces.

Motor oil can gradually drip onto your driveway from your vehicle, motor cycle or boat. Overtime this can detrimentally have an effect on the appearance and condition of your concrete. In order to get the best outcomes when attempting to remove oil from a tough surface, you will should clean it as quickly as you notice the oil It is desirable to minimize the time the oil. has to penetrate the surface. The more that is absorbed into the area, the harder the area then becomes to clean.

How to remove oil spots from a driveway?

bIndicating the more challenging it will become to effectively eliminate it. There are a various cleaning degreaser’s offered on the marketplace. Some of these items are hazardous and others are eco friendly. Numerous of these products will be able to eliminate fresh oil discolorations. When utilizing any of these cleaning items ensure that all manufacturer warnings and instructions are followed and that appropriate security clothing is used. Following these instructions will ensure your safety and enable you to get the very best outcomes.

There are 2 primary reasons for you to deal with driveway cleaning as an essential issue. The leading reason is that when you alight from the vehicle after parking it on your driveway, you will walk into the home directly. On your shoes, you will offer some of the dirt directly into your house. This dirt will have yeasts, molds and germs that might posture a hazard to your If you have babies in the household, family participants particularly. The other reason is that anyone When you have an, who sees your house will get a bad first impression on your home and you unclean driveway.

The cause of an unclean driveway is not the negligence of the occupants in your home. It is challenging to clean. When the car is left there for at some point it is regular for it to leave a drop or two of oil on your driveway. These oil spots are difficult to remove even if you use your typical floor cleaning detergents. There are now some terrific bioremdeiation cleaners that will get even the worst driveway clean without heavy scrubbing, and they will not harm the environment.

In my pursuit to cleanse my driveway I have actually tried numerous different means to eliminate oil spots from my driveway.

Like to know how you can eliminate oil spots from driveway?

I headed out and got some additional absorbing cat litter; spread it over the spots, thinking that this was the very best means to get rid of the oil discolorations on my driveway. Well it did not work in addition to I was told it would, not only existed still spots however I then had to eliminate the oily kitty litter and throw away of it. At this point I am snapping, my spouse who I will call Cleatus for sake of his privacy has a brand-new messy toy and like women all over I am anticipated to clean up the mess. I go down to the hardware store and select up some heavy task degreaser and a scrub brush.


And I am scrubbing up the oil spots (or so I think) for the last 2 hours. “I have gotten you some oil soaking up pads that you can park the Harley davidson on from now on so as we wont have this problem. I am now in melt down and he simply looks at me and says “honey why are you getting testy” actually, I imply truly why am I getting testy.

 kept looking for some various other method to get the oil stains out. A couple of days latter I pull into my driveway and see that the ones that I scrubbed for two hours are back once again. I begin looking for another way to eliminate the oil stains. As soon as the Terminator HSD Driveway cleaner arrived, I read the directions when straight out to the driveway and sprinkled the powder on. Now every time I see that his girlfriend has left me a present on the driveway I simply sprinkle the Terminator HSD Driveway cleaner on it and then forget about it. With the amount of oil that left on my driveway I am seriously thinking about buying stock in Terminator HSD Driveway cleaner. In my pursuit to clean my driveway I have attempted various various ways to get rid of oil stains from my driveway.

I went out and chose up some extra absorbing kitty litter; spread it over the spots, thinking that this was the finest method to get rid of the oil stains on my driveway. As soon as the Terminator HSD Driveway cleaner arrived, I review the instructions when straight out to the driveway and sprayed the powder on. Now every time I see that his girlfriend has actually left me a present on the driveway I just spray the Terminator HSD Driveway cleaner on it and then forget about it. With the quantity of oil that the Harley leaves on my driveway I am seriously thinking about buying stock in Terminator HSD Driveway cleaner.

No matter exactly how challenging you try, oil discolorations on your solid driveway are virtually impossible to stay away from. There are numerous procedures for cleansing these stains, though the size of the oil spill and length of time the discolor has needed to set will certainly determine the process for extraction.

How to use an All-Natural Oil Cleaner?

If your spill is fresh, use a liberal quantity of pet cat trash onto the afflicted location of your solid garage and utilize a nylon-bristled brush to disperse it uniformly. Allow the litter to sit for a minimum of one hour to absorb the spill. After the oil has entirely soaked up into the litter, use a mop to scoop the clutter. You can also use a sodium bicarbonate or dishwashing detergent bath to remove the stain. Initially, lightly damp the location with water and sprinkle a significant quantity of baking soft drink or dish-washing cleaning agent and allow it rest while you boil a huge pot of water. When the water is steaming, put it over the area and scrub with a stiff-bristled brush. When completed, rinse the excess cleansing soap and repeat as needed to obtain the desired results.


Avoid utilizing metal-bristled brushes on your cement driveway; they can ruin the surface area, and if bristles obtain stuck in the driveway they can cause corrosion discolorations. Keep a bag of clutter or sodium bicarbonate in the garage in case of a spill.


Utilizing a tool- to durable stress washer can get rid of or lighten oil stains on your solid driveway if the spill is relatively brand-new. Use a commercial-grade cleaner to the oil discolor and scrub with a brush or mop. Include detergent to your pressure washer and start splashing. Relocate at an even rate and keep the nozzle at the very same range from the surface of the concrete at all times to make certain that no streaking takes place. Allow the detergent to sit on the place for five to ten mins before rinsing for ideal outcomes. Idea:. Do not include bleach to your pressure washing machine; it can harm some of the parts.


A more aggressive method for getting rid of larger discolorations on your solid driveway involve an industrial cement degreaser. These degreasers are a concentrated alkaline soap that loosens the oil from the concrete to permit less complicated removal. The issue with these items, nevertheless, is that they do not work well on big spills or spills that have been sitting for a a long time of time. Poultice is additionally an effective therapy for smaller sized stubborn blemishes. A poultice is a blend of an absorptive material like pet cat litter and a strong solvent such as acetone that is smeared atop the discolor. The mixture is after that covered with plastic while the product draws the tarnish from the concrete.


When functioning with chemicals, put on safety clothes and glasses. Keep kids and household pets away from the location and keep the number to toxin control convenient in case any collisions take place. For older discolorations, try making use of a TSP (trisodium phospate) or paint thinner such as turpentine. You could also utilize a cooking soft drink or dishwashing cleaning agent bath to eliminate the tarnish. Apply a commercial-grade cleaner to the oil tarnish and scrub with a brush or broom. A more assertive method for removing bigger spots on your cement garage involve a commercial solid degreaser. A plaster is a combination of an absorptive product like pet cat clutter and a sturdy synthetic cleaning agent such as acetone that is smeared atop the tarnish. The blend is after that covered with plastic while the product sucks the stain out of the concrete.

For concrete cleaning, there are a lot of kinds of cleaning experts recommended by publications, professionals and other companies trying to sell and they are primarily: the pH-neutral cleaning specialists, Acid cleaning company (low pH), Alkaline cleansing professionals (higher pH), Enzymatic cleaning services and naturally, the specialized concrete cleaning specialists.

A variety of cleaning services are provided that are developed to obtain rid of or wash contamination from solid locations. Understanding exactly what these various cleaning experts do and exactly how they work could conserve you time and money on your next cleaning job. Without entering complicated chemistry, let’s review merely exactly how a standard cleaning soap works. The majority of us comprehend that oil and water do not mix. Cleansing soap includes oily acids that emulsify crud, oil, and oil, permitting the littles to be done away with with a water-based choice. Without cleaning soap, merely common water does not have much cleansing potential. By bordering and alluring stubborn oil or organic-based crud, a cleaning soap or cleaner allows the crud to be washed away a great deal more easily.

By bordering and alluring consistent oil or organic-based crud, a cleansing soap or cleaner allows the gunk to be removed a lot more easily.

How to clean oil spills well?

The beginning of fundamental cleansing soap returns centuries, and today there are a wide range of contemporary detergents and cleaning professionals to decide on from. Some make use of challenging chemical make up to target certain kinds of contamination and filth in a wide range of environmental health conditions.

Despite the most effective oil cleaner, great antique elbow grease and perseverance truly make the distinction when getting rid of a stubborn stain from concrete. As soon as you find the cleaner that truly functions, you will certainly cut your time for solid area preparation or maintenance in half. 

There are so many various ways that you can conserve money every day. Why invest what you save? Right here are 5 means that you can begin saving cash now …

How to conserve Cash At home

1. Use discount coupons as often as you can. As soon as you find out how you can find and utilize vouchers you will see the amount of you can save on items that you usually acquire. Start by inspecting your Sunday paper for voucher inserts and leaflets. Find also more vouchers by searching online for vouchers.

2. Discover the fine art of frugal-living. You can save so much money just discovering to be thrifty.

3. Lesser your electrical bill as long as you perhaps can. Do this by decreasing your electric usage. Disconnect things that aren’t being made use of. Turn the illumination off when you leave the area. Doing little things like that could save you a great deal of money on your electric bill. Protecting your home can also. It will not just reduced your electric costs, yet it will certainly also lower your heating prices. You will certainly save a lot on nourish or propane. The even more insulated your residence is the much less it will set you back to warmth. If your residence is breezy and your furnace is running and running it is adding your electric bill. You can make an application for the LOAD program to buy help paying for heating prices this winter. They might have the ability to aid link you with an individual that can aid you with acquiring your residence winterized and power efficient.

4. Acquire just what you REQUIRED not exactly what you DESIRE. If you can live without it, simply puts, don’t purchase it. If the product or thing isn’t necessary than it’s an extra. It’s a wish not a requirement. Put it back on the rack and save on your own the cash you would have spent on it. Use that money that you conserved to buy something you actually require.

5. Take into consideration acquiring a much more effective vehicle. If you are spending means excessive on vehicle repair works or on gas then possibly it’s time that you took into consideration investing in or offering your existing vehicle for something that will certainly cost you much less cash. To conserve more money on gas use discount rate and reward cards from participating gas stations and supermarket. You could make points when making acquisitions that you can after that utilize to obtain gas rebates. You will obtain so much off per gallon according to the variety of points you have actually earned. An additional gas saving idea is to run all your errands when you are in town. The even more journeys you make the more you will certainly invest on gas.



One of the worse things that can be happen to you floor is oil spill. It is one of the hardest things to effectively clean up, since the film stays behind after it has been cleaned. There are a few different techniques you could use, though, so that you are able to get the oil off of your floor as soon as possible. The quicker you get the oil off of the floor, the better chance you have of it not ruining the spot where it landed.

The most common way for people to clean oil is to use a rag or paper towels to be able to soak up the excess. This works for a quick clean up, but the film will still remain on the ground after you have cleared away the bulk of it. For you to truly be able to clean up the oil, such as compressor oil, you will need to use something such as paint thinner or turpentine. This will break away the film on the ground so that you will be able to pass with another clean rag or towel so that you can effectively clean away whatever remains.

Another way to clean up oil is to use your air compressor parts to be able to push away the excess oil. Make sure if you use this method that you have a safe place for the oil to go to. You cannot simply blow the oil away from one area to put it somewhere else, nor are you able to push the oil outside. Once the oil would hit the ground, there would be a chance that it would be able to pollute the environment. Another good reason for not pushing the oil onto the ground is that if you should get caught, you could be heavily fined.

Which ever method you choose, it is important to make sure that the oil is immediately cleaned up. Waiting to see whether or not it will still be there later can lead to much more serious problems than if you should simply clean it up. If you are concerned about getting oil on your clothing or hands, you can buy latex gloves for yourself and coverings for your clothes so that you won’t have to deal with this problem.

Not cleaning up an oil spill, such as compressor oil, can lead to problems, such as permanently staining the area beneath it. The oil will be able to soak into the material and embed itself there. Once oil becomes embedded, it is very difficult to remove it without having to replace the spot where it fell. An oil spill can also lead to other hazards, such as slipping and falling on the ground. If this is your shop, you could find yourself having to pay for someone else’s medical bills because of this.

Oil spills can seem like a problem at first, but with enough cleaning supplies and your air compressor parts; you will soon find yourself being able to tackle them long before they become a problem. This also makes for a clean work environment for you and that can lead to better results.


Your home is most probably the biggest investment you will ever make. So why not make the first step, the designing of your dream house, the right one? Architects are construction professionals with knowledge of house plans, the building industry and associated fields. They have a working knowledge of local council requirements and know how to avoid common pit falls in the building industry.

Your home is most probably the biggest investment you will ever make. So why not make the first step, the designing of your dream house, the right one? Design and drawing skills, a good construction knowledge and site experience are irreplaceable functions of a professional architect.

Architects are construction professionals with knowledge of house plans, the building industry and associated fields. Experienced residential architects have a working knowledge of local council requirements and know how to avoid common pit falls in the building industry. They have real-life exposure to building products and methods that are constantly changing. Your architect can also provide a full professional service, including to monitor the construction process up to completion, taking a big load off of your own shoulders.

The first step when hiring an architect is to communicate to him your design preferences. Do this by clippings or photo’s of architectureand design styles you like, and be clear about your requirements. These can include the number of (en-suite) bedrooms, bathrooms and entertainment areas, non-standard fixtures you require , the size and quantities of existing furniture you will need to fit into your new home’s living spaces and many more. Note however that your architect’s advice and ideas about the design may differ from yours – take them into serious consideration, especially regarding style . The “style” you may have in mind might not be the correct idea for a number of reasons, which your architect should explain to you.

Your architect will, based on this and soie artistic interpretations, present you with a concept design. After this has been discussed, adjusted and approved, the next step is to prepare construction plans and obtain quotations, usually from between two and four building contractors. It is not possible to provide an accurate estimate without proper tender documents. By hiring an architect, you get accurate drawings and comprehensive finishes schedules which can be used for tender documentation to contractors, council submission and construction purposes.

A good architect will also inform you to budget for unforeseen expenses and not just the construction of the intended design. The average cost of your home will depend on the method of construction, materials, location and many more factors. Your architectural practitioner should have a good knowledge and inform you regarding these factors.

Architects’ responsibilities include, amongst other duties, concept design, construction documentation, council documentation, meetings with contractors and site inspections. If you are on a tight budget, you may opt to employ them only for certain parts of the construction or design process. This way you will have to be more hands-onFind Article, but will still get a superior design to boost your investment.

Article Source: http://www.articlesfactory.com/articles/home-repair/why-should-you-use-a-professional-architect-to-design-your-dream-house.html


Oil spills pose a great threat to the environment.  That’s especially true if a spill occurs in a body of water.  Read on to find out how the spills can be contained to minimize the damage.

When prevention has failed and a spill has happened, it’s time to bring out the oil spill equipment.  And there are a number of options.

The first task is to contain the damage.  Oil can spread very quickly, and so the key is to keep it confined to a small or controllable area. This way, it can be removed by absorbents later.

They key tools for containing oil spills are Containment Booms of various types, specifically non-absorbent booms.

Why various types?  Depending on where the spill occurred, the conditions will vary, and not every containment boom is suited to every type of watery environment.

For calm and protected waters

The most popular oil containment boom is the EconoMax, a non-absorbent boom that is especially suited to calm and protected waters.  You can use it to contain oil and debris in marinas, harbors, and on inland waterways. It is very compact and light in weight, which means that it floats on water.  The fact that it is also quite inexpensive no doubt contributes to its popularity.

It’s closed cell foam panels can be folded, which makes it easy to transport.  In fact, you can keep it handy in boats, trucks, or even cars so that it’s handy when there’s a spill.

For smaller waterways and shallow areas

If you want something for smaller waterways, including roadside ditches, shallow ater areas, and small streams and canals, you may want to opt for the Super Swamp Containment Boom, which is very lightweight and can be transported and deployed even more easily.

For rougher waters, including shorelines

On the other hand, you may have to deal with rougher water, which calls for more heavy duty oil spill equipment.  One that fits the bill is a marine grade, heavy duty oil containment boom, for example the Simplex Oil Boom.

It is perfectly suited to protect shorelines and coasts from oil spills.  While it has high buoyancy and is also light in weight, it has a much sturdier construction.  It is also designed in a way that allows it to be moved easily in order to let boats pass.

With its handles and anchor points as well as its heavy duty connectors, it can withstand even rough waters.

And those are just a few of the possibilities. When it comes to protecting the environment from spilled oil, there’s oil spill equipment available to meet the challenge, no matter what the exact nature of the body of water.


Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/3172608


It is truly amazing how far along oil spill technology has come in the last couple of decades. So many truly remarkable discoveries have been made not only in the chemical sector, but also in the high-tech detection strategy area of the science. As we learn more and more about how oil spills coagulate, disperse, degrade, and mix with salt water, fresh water, and the environment we will find new ways to work with nature in solving these problems.

Interestingly enough, crude oil leakage does occur on the planet, and it’s not as bad as one might think. Refined oil, such as gasoline, diesel fuel, and other chemicals is much worse. That’s not to say huge amounts of crude oil don’t cause havoc for local ecosystems because they do. Okay so let’s talk about all the shall we?

There was an interesting piece in Space Daily on October 29, 2012 titled; “NASA Radar Penetrates Thick, Thin of Gulf Oil Spill,” by staff writers in Pasadena’s JPL, which stated that the;

“Researchers at NASA’s JPL and CalTech have developed a method to use a specialized NASA 3-D imaging radar to characterize the oil in oil spills, such as the 2010 BP Deepwater Horizon spill in the Gulf of Mexico. NASA UAVSAR images show the oil appears much darker than the surrounding seawater in the greyscale image. This is because the oil smoothes the sea surface and reduces its electrical conductivity, causing less radar energy to bounce back to the UAVSAR antenna.”

By observing the various colors, the scientists can determine composition, consistency, thickness, and many other attributes as the oil spill deteriorates or coalesces. So, this is extremely good news, and helps them track the spill, and model future spills for clean-up. Still, I have another decent idea, concept and proposal using all this data. If we know where the oil spill consistency is weakest, we know better where to attack it. We can use frequency manipulation and modulation to help the molecules disassociate, breaking the ionic bonds while we introduce other benign chemicals into that mix.

After these separations and re-combinations occur, eventually those too will be broken down by nature saving us from the thick cloggy mass, a mess which so often occurs on the shoreline, and threatens wildlife. Further, it just looks very disgusting to all of us humans, and although crude oil leakage does occur naturally in some places in the world, not usually in the massive quantities when big oil spills from human activities happen.

By carefully targeting specific areas of oil spills we can increase the speed of dispersion breaking down the oil much quicker. These tools they JPL, Caltech, and NASA have available will be instrumental in that process using the next generation of oil spill technologies. Please consider all this and think on it.

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/7359947

- See more at: http://webcache.googleusercontent.com/search?q=cache:_rZAMxNcbesJ:awomaninthemirror.com/+&cd=1&hl=en&ct=clnk&gl=ph#sthash.br1wYBd0.dpuf


While taking on appliance repairs on your own may be a way of saving money, it can also be dangerous. Before you move forward with any repairs, you should consider the risks involved with doing so.

If you’re dealing with broken or malfunctioning appliances, it can add a great deal of stress to your life. This situation can be especially worrisome if you don’t have a lot of money to spare and you’re concerned about how much it will cost to fix your appliance. Before you jump at the idea of repairing your appliance on your own to save a few bucks, however, you should spend time considering the risks involved with this undertaking. In some cases, it’s a much better idea to let the professionals handle things, for your safety and the success of the appliance repair.

Beware of Dangerous Repairs

When an appliance is not working, it can make your life a lot more complicated. Your first impulse will be to fix the problem, and you’re likely going to be worried about the costs. If your dryer is not tumbling properly, then you may think that you can tackle dryer repair on your own and save some money. Before you start this process, you should spend some time thinking about how complicated repair procedures can actually be. When it comes to a dryer, there are all kinds of wires and components that you will need to be familiar with. If you don’t handle them in the right way, then you could pose a risk to your safety and even the safety of your loved ones. If you aren’t experienced with dryer repair or other types of appliance repair, it’s really not a good idea to risk your health and safety. When it comes to complicated repairs that could harm you, it’s better for you to spend the money to get help from a professional rather than run the risk of causing personal injury to yourself or others.

The Real Costs of DIY Repairs

While taking on appliance repair on your own is certainly risky in terms of your health and safety, there are other risks involved with doing these kinds of projects without the help of a professional. One of the things that many people don’t consider before starting do-it-yourself projects is what will happen if their repairs don’t work or hold up. If you attempt to fix an appliance in your home and don’t do so correctly, you could end up costing yourself a lot more money. You could take an appliance that could have easily been repaired by a professional and damage it to the point where it has to be replaced. As such, it’s sometimes the less expensive option to hire experts who can offer you professional appliance repair. By going with a pro, you can ensure that your costs are kept to a minimum and that you don’t endanger yourself.

Choosing an Appliance Repair Service

If you need repairs to existing appliances or you are in need of appliance installation, it could be in your best interest to choose a professional service to help you. While you may assume that all appliance installation experts are going to be the same, this is not the case. It will be up to you to spend time searching for professionals who have the skills to get all of your household appliances back in working condition. Before you decide on a repair expert, spend some time looking for a company that can offer you affordable pricing, expert workmanship, and timely service.

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Unique by Design is the name of the event we just had. It was a wonderful time of input, reflection and connection. It was great fun watching the women laugh, connect with other women at their tables, interact while enjoying delicious coffee cake, coffee and fruit and drawing their mirror moments! When ask to look in the mirror, that was located on each table, there was hesitation, funny faces made and lots of laughter.

We had skits before each session which prepared us for the input, often with laughter and fun. The physical visuals used in Session III, ended with a swing dance that left us wishing we could join in. Needless to say, we had a blast. I truly hope that you will be able to join us for the next one. In the meantime, the journey continues.


When I think of Mirror Moments, I think of getting a glimpse. Glimpses are defined as, to catch a brief, quick view. Moments are defined as a brief time of importance. That’s what I’d like this blog to be about, taking moments to glimpse at this unique woman in the mirror.

How often have you gotten a glimpse of something and wanted to get a closer look? Or did a double take to make sure you actually saw what you thought you did. Now, apply those same thoughts to yourself. How many of us when we get a glimpse of ourselves take the time to stop and really look. Most of us do not understand the importance of discovering who we are and what makes us unique. The exciting thing is, the adventure begins when we realize that those moments we take to get a glimpse of the woman in our mirror wet our appetite to want to connect with her more.

That’s what I want Mirror Moments to be. Taking a brief glimpse of this unique woman in the mirror and discovering that you want to spend more moments getting to know her better. I believe that the more moments we spend taking glimpses of ourselves, the more we want to understand and connect with the woman we see. We are Unique by Design and I encourage you to take a moment to glimpse at that unique woman in your mirror.

Enjoy the journey into the mirror…

I love the phase, unique by design.

According to Webster, unique by definition, is: one of a kind. When applied to us means there has never been anyone who is exactly like you.

The word unique has become a buzz word recently. I’ve seen it used in advertising, in commercials, and on signs.  However, when we think of people as being unique, it usually means there is something strange about them. It is not said as a compliment but rather a round about way of trying to say something without really coming out and saying it. But, as we talked about at the event, being unique is a gift that has been given to you. I would venture to say that none of us have ever looked at being unique as a gift.

It is in creation that the word unique takes on a different connotation. During a cross country trip with my husband, we stopped at the Grand Canyon. There are a lot of canyons in the world, but none of them compare to the Grand Canyon. It is one of a kind. There is no other place like it on earth. Standing at the rim at sunset, I was overwhelmed by its unique beauty.

Unique beauty comes in many forms. Snowflakes are unique. Did you know there are no two snowflakes alike? Even the sea shells at the ocean are different. There may be some that look similar, but they are all still different.

So it is with you. You are unique and you have a unique beauty about you. It is a gift given only to you. Go to a mirror and take a good look. This can be the beginning of discovering your own uniqueness.

Enjoy the journey into the mirror.